Best Online Bookmaker

Best Online Bookmaker

Are you fanatical about sports betting? Do you want to do business with the best online bookmakers from around the world? Welcome to where our only goal is to provide you with the knowledge to change the way you bet on sports forever.

The internet has been flooded with a vast selection of sports betting sites over the last few years. Here at we take pride in examining your options and reviewing all of the most (and least) popular boomakers out there. Consult our in-depth bookmaker reviews and choose the best online bookmaker!

With every bookmaker trying to out-do the others in attracting customers, it is inevitable that a bit of shopping around can be profitable. With sign-up bonuses, free bets and money-back offers available, we save you the hassle and tell you where to go right now for the best deals. We will also tell you about the worst online sites so that you are never caught out by rogue bookies.

Overall, if you follow our advice, we can guarantee that your future betting experiences are completely enjoyable.

Best Bookmaker Sites
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Top Online Bookmakers

In providing you this list of Top Online Bookmakers we put every online betting site we can find under scrutiny. We take no prisoners in separating the good from the awful and the profitable from the expensive. We can guarantee a wide range of in-depth bookmaker reviews so that everything you need to know about free bets, money back specials and sportsbook bonuses is in one place.

Globalisation, the internet, Ryanair- there are any number of reasons why the world is a much closer community in the 21st Century. From Sheffield to Shanghai and Dublin to Dubai, instant communication is only a click away. It is no wonder then that sports betting has followed suit. The Premier League is the classic example. No longer is Wayne Rooney’s every touch of the football only seen by those with tickets to Old Trafford, now he can be rewinded in HD from a beach hut in Thailand. And what better way to enjoy this than when money is at stake? At least you can bet confidently when you choose from one of the top online bookmakers, as displayed below.

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Bet365 Bookmaker Review

With a shiny new ad campaign featuring big-time hard man Ray Winstone and a strangely surreal collapsing stadium, Bet365 online bookmaker is nowadays an instantly recognisable brand. Bet365 are the In-Play betting specialists, offering easy and instant in-play betting options on an extensive range of markets. With a website that is easy to navigate in 17 different languages and a €100 Match Bonus for new customers, it is easy to see why Bet365 now occupies a seat in our Top Online Bookmakers list!

Whether you’re backing then next goalscorer in the Premier League or just paying a visit to the online casino, Bet365 provides a high-class environment that is as safe a place as any to put your money. Open a account now!

  • full online casino featuring Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and Bingo amongst many more
  • Live streaming of over 15,000 events worldwide
  • Safe, easy and reliable
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Bodog Bookmaker Review

A traditional leader on the US sports betting scene, Bodog has been a top online bookmaker’ for over 15 years now. Bodog are now one of the newest options for UK based punters and with an easy to navigate website and straightforward betting experience to go along with it, it’s easy to see that Bodog are good at what they do.

Like any Premier League football manager will tell you, there is no substitute for experience in this world, and Bodog have experience by the bucket full. With a wide range of sign-up bonuses and cash back offers, Bodog also offers a competitive edge to their already brilliant online betting experience. Sign up to now!

  • Multiple sign-up bonuses
  • Over 15 years of market experience
  • Quick and efficient money lodging
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SportingBet Bookmaker Review

A grand old lady of the online sports betting industry, Sportingbet is as reliable a brand as you could hope for. True to their name, Sportingbet take pride in giving plenty of prominence to all sports, not just football and poker, like some sites have been guilty of.

Whether its the tennis at Wimbledon, the golf at Pebble Beach or the Formula 1 in Valencia, Sportingbet has it covered better than most. With an extensive editorial section offering real insight into all markets, Sportingbet provides a satisfying all round experience for the genuine sports fan. Get a account now!

  • Extensive sports and casino sign-up bonuses
  • In depth editorial section providing real information before betting
  • Excellent in-play features
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Paddy Power Bookmaker Review

It seems like they have been around forever but everyone’s favourite Irishman, Paddy Power, can now claim household name status across sporting world. Famous for his seemingly crazy money back specials – see his recent refund of all match bets on the Irish rugby team against Wales after some dodgy refereeing- have worked their way to the top of the betting ladder.

It is no surprise, then, that is high class and professional in every corner of its website. With seemingly endless money back specials across all sporting codes and some insightful suggestions on how to maximise your profit, Paddy Power has shown itself to once again be the one to watch. Open a account now!

  • Endless array of money-back specials
  • Quick, reliable and efficient registration process
  • Extensive online and phone support
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Best Bookmaker Bonuses

As well as providing you with a top notch reviewing service, our team provides you with our an in depth look at the best online bookmaker bonuses. Scoring a juicy Free Bet Bonus, a fun Accumulator Free Bet, or even a rewarding re-deposit bonus does more than pad your bankroll. Bonuses handed out by online bookmakers bump up YOUR odds and YOUR profits.

We are here to identify where the best bonuses are, where there will be money back specials and where the best odds are available so that you can turn a passing hobby into a profitable venture.

Whether its a Gold Cup winner in the Cheltenham Festival or the First Goalscorer in the next Premier League match, our sports betting picks are here for you to enjoy.’

  • Bookmaker Cashback Offers

    Bookmaker Cashback Offers

    With the ferocity of the competition between the best online bookmakers in this market place it is no wonder that the punter who shops around will find some juicy bonus offers. Primary among these bookmaker bonus offers is the Cashback bonus which usually features as a sign up sweetener on most sites.

    The size of these bonuses varies from site to site but an early opportunity to boost your bankroll can make a massive difference to the first up gambler.

    The rapid development of the internet has led to the emergence of thousands of online gambling sites over the last 15 years. The sign-up bonus is a core feature of new betting accounts and usually requires a minimum deposit, but it can be an excellent addition to your betting stack.

  • Bookmaker Free Bet Offers

    Bookmaker Free Bet Offers

    Much like the Cashback Offer, the Free Bet Offer is commonly dangled like a carrot in front of prospective gamblers faces, in an attempt to entice them to open an account at the various online bookmakers out there. With so many books competing for your business, these offers can be very juicy indeed.

    The difference between this and the Cashback Offer is minimal as 95% of the time the Cashback Offer needs to be placed as a bet anyway.

    Free Bet Offers are always provided in tandem with a joining lodgment so the bet is not exactly ‘free’, but like Cashback Offers there are some really excellent deals out there which need to be taken advantage of.

  • Money Back Offers

    Money Back Offers

    Money Back Offers are also becoming increasingly common in the highly competitive betting world. Although they don’t actually boost your bank roll, Money Back Offers can provide a welcome lifeline for punters looking for a way back into the game.

    This is particularly common in Horse Racing where plenty of sites refund losing stakes when horses lose to favourites.

    Money Back Offers are often used as a publicity stunt by bookmakers screaming out for attention. It is not often that bookmakers so willingly take a hit so the key is to be alert to the best offers and take advantage when the time is right. At, we make it our business to know the best online offers when they happen.

Bookmaker Betting Tips

Sports betting has evolved dramatically since the days of smoke filled bookies located down dark alleyways. Nowadays, the online nature of gambling means that extra skills and intricacies are required to beat the house. CLICK HERE TO GET OUR TOP 5 BETTING TIPS!

1. Bet with the right sites
With the vast selection of betting sites out there it is inevitable that some are better than others. Whether they are more convenient for lodging and withdrawing money, easier to navigate or simply offering better odds,doing your business on the right sites can make a huge difference to your betting experience as well as your bankroll.

2. Use Multiple Sites
Apart from the now obligitory sign-up bonus which comes when you open an account with any site, having multiple accounts has some added bonuses. Signing up with several different operators creates a situation where you can shop around for the best odds available on any given event. Even if this sometimes only accounts for half a point, over a long period this adds up.

3. Bankroll Management
One of the keys to good poker play is managing your stack correctly and this is no different in online sports betting. Making sure your bankroll is treated like this ensures a proper ‘gaming’ mentality with each gamble. Never bet more than you can afford to pay. Call your average bet a ‘point’ and place all bets on a scale according to this. This will bring more consistency to your betting and will highlight with clarity every win and loss.

4. Sports Information
If you fancy yourself as a sports gambler, in depth knowledge of sports is an obvious requirement. Basic research should be given to every event you are committing your money to. Trying to gamble on too wide a range of different sports is a classic gambling mistake as it is harder to build up the same level of knowledge if there are too many things to look at. Instead, concentrate your effort on 2-3 sports and make it your duty to know everything you can about them. Knowledge is power!

5. Online Sportsbook Bonuses
Because of the fierce competition in the sports betting industry, each bookmaker is constantly trying to outdo the other with enticing bonuses. This is usually in the form of a sign-up offer but with Odds Multipliers and Moneyback Specials there to be taken by existing account holders, careful betting management can be used to exploit the over-generous bookies and get that crucial edge.